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Two out of every three microsurgeons worldwide use surgical microscopes from ZEISS. Our systems are used in ophthalmology, neurosurgery and ENT surgery. Office-based physicians also put their trust in our know-how. Our solutions help our customers achieve better treatment outcomes. In this way, patients also benefit from the innovative, leading edge technology produced by ZEISS.
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Pentero IR800 Movena
Sensera Lumera i Lumera T

You'll find that Mizuho's streamlined selection of microsurgical instrumentation (including endonasal), Sugita® aneurysm clips, fixation devices and tables provides innovative products for today's surgical rigors.

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Lawton Bypass Surgical Doppler Sugita T2

DORO® Cranial Stabilization and Retractor Systems stand for state-of-the-art design, superior stability and high-precision manufacturing. Intelligently designed around user preferences, DORO® is always a good choice.


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Our goal at TSI is to bring cost effective and innovative solutions for the Neuro and Spinal surgical instrument market.

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Kirwan Surgical Products, Inc. Manufactures And Sells High Quality Electrosurgical Instruments And Accessories For The Medical Device Industry

UFSK International surgical chairs and tables featuring SurgiForce, the ultimate surgeon's chair for micro-surgery.

Since its foundation in 1930, NSK has been dedicated to high-speed rotary cutting technology and its applications. Primado 2 is NSK's second generation electric surgical system. A wide range of motors, handpieces, bone saws, and wire pin driver ensures a versatile, complete system well suited for a variety of surgical applications.

Tobra Medical is focused on drilled autograft bone and specimen collection. The Tobra Bone Basket is designed for "Bone Collection Made Easy." With its unique mesh basket, the Tobra Bone Basket maximizes collection of drilled autograft bone with continuous filtration that does not interrupt surgery. The Tobra Specimen Basket is designed as a "Clean and Confident Collection" of specimen with suction tubing, aspirators, etc.



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